The Japan International Watercolor Institute has been holding the largest watercolor painting exhibition in Japan for 24 years.

Qualification requirements

You can participate regardless of age or nationality.

It is possible even with previous artworks.

※There is a selection screening of works


Chairman Award 1 work

Winners will receive the support in one week plein-air to Sado Island
(We support staying and working areas in Sado Island※ The participants have to pay your traveling and food expenses )

Eligible to become Japan International Watercolor Institute member

Special Awards 10 works

Winners will receive the support in one week plein-air to Sado Island
(We support staying and working areas in Sado Island※ The participants have to pay your traveling and food expenses )

Eligible to become Japan International Watercolor Institute member


Winners will receive an electronic certificate

Conditions of the work

Each participant can submit only ONE artwork.

The theme is unrestricted, the materials used should be water-based done on paper. Computer-made works and watercolor-covered underlying inkjet works are not allowed.
Once the picture of the work has been uploaded, the contestant must agree to grant the copyright of the image of the work for promoting the activities organized by the Japan International Watercolor Institute.

Please note that the work will be screened on the screen and the original work will not be exhibited at the venue.

Closing date for application :

1st Closing date 3/20/2024

2nd Closing date 4/10/2024

3rd Closing date 4/25/2024

Depending on application status, We will stop accepting applications. Please apply as soon as possible.

Entry Fee

2000 Japanese yen

Entry Procedure


※Please send the email only once.Please do not send on LINE.


Please make sure to provide your information in the required sections.

Please fill in the following 【Application form for artwork】in the email.

↓Example entry ※Please write this order↓

Azuma Fuyu




※Please be careful these points ※

1 Name of author

If you are a Regular Member or Associate Member, please write “Regular Member or Associate Member” next to your name.

2 Name of work

Please write like this:《Hope》

3 size of work (cm✖️cm)

Example : 33.4 ×24.3cm→33×24cm

4 Nationality

Please be careful not to write incorrectly, JIWI assumes no responsibility.

5 One photo of work

*<Notes attached to the work>

1. Shoot without forehead

2. Taken in a bright place that does not cast shadows (Basically, we do not adjust the attached work image, but if it is too dark, it may be brightened.)

3. Use a camera with the best possible image quality and focus

4. After shooting, trim the background other than the work.

5. When you attach a photo to your message, you have a choice of how big the photo should be. Please select the large size, actual size, or original and send.

6.The file must be in jpg format.


6 Payment record

Please pay the exhibition fee (2000 Japanese yen ). When the payment is completed, Please tell me the transaction ID of PayPal.

*please don’t make a mistake in the payment email address. Please be careful.

payment through

※Please be sure to charge the balance before sending money.

※The exhibition fee will be charged at the time of application and cannot be refunded regardless of pass or fail. Please note.

The name of the transfer and the name of the【Application form for work】To match Thank you for your support. (The transfer fee is Please pay for yourself)


The work application is completed here. We will inform you of the examination results by message at the earliest one day later.

※If there are any deficiencies, the examination may be delayed.

※The messages are handled in order from the bottom, so if you send an inquiry message many times, the message will move up and the result announcement may be delayed.

※We will send the screening results to everyone regardless of whether or not they have been selected, so please check carefully. If you have not received it, please contact us.

Finalist will also be given a winning certificate. We would appreciate it if you could share it on SNS etc. as part of the NET exhibition.

⭐️ Presentation method

Please attach the tag  #日本国際水彩画会 #JIWI  on SNS (Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, etc.) and make a presentation.

The organizer has the rights for exhibition, publication and promotion of the finalists’ artwork.

This call for entry announcement possess legally validity.


Watercolor artworks that participate in the online exhibition will be broadcasted during the International Watercolor Exhibition at the Sado International Museum, on the official channel and website of Japanese International Watercolor Institute, YouTube, and other platforms.

Exhibition Period
2024.5/2 YouTube channel
2024.5/2-5/7 in Sado International museum
※Reservation required
Japan International Watercolor Institute (JIWI)
Sado, Niigata
Sado International Museum
Niigata International Art School
Sado International Education School
Osaka International Art School
Niigata Educational Committee
Niigata Newspaper Organization
FM Radio Organization
Sado Ship Company
Japan international watercolor magazine

List of finalists, awards and other related information will be published in the official website of JIWI and other art platforms